Nowadays, with the speedy breakthrough of the sharing economy and the introduction of service companies, the concept of "travel within reach" seems to be easier than ever. Especially, Resorts International - the leading group with many outstanding features with multi-utility service packages for every family!

Scoring companies that provide travel services 

According to a survey of Alexa index, in Vietnam in recent years, there have been more than 200 companies specializing in booking support services with a variety of holiday packages for global travel. . With these services, customers will receive the most optimal support with incentives on many platforms, not only for domestic travel but also for foreign tours.

From the statistics of Topica Founder Institute shows that in 2017 alone, up to 5 brands of Vietnam's online tourism have been invested with strong funding and potential. For example, is an application that allows low-cost booking, Booking will support up to a variety of payment types including on-site payment when booking, support in multiple languages and currencies. Or Agoda is one of the platforms offering diverse forms of accommodation and pioneering online travel services with more than 2 million accommodations, including apartments, villas, private homes and hotels.


(Service companies offer more optimized, economical and flexible options)

There is also Luxstay - an online platform that connects owners for luxury travel apartments and short-term holiday villas with guests who love the experience or business people. Traveloka - cheap hotel booking application, with optimal design for users, above all can use Traveloka to find flights, book air tickets very conveniently. Hay Resorts International - the "big man" in the resort industry, provides millions of world class trips every year to families. 

By business models that go beyond the limits, are flexible, easy to apply under many platforms, and save money on trips. All promise to open a period of prosperity and breakthroughs for Vietnamese tourism.

Resorts International - the leading brand of resort investment

A big bright spot in recent years must mention Resorts International Group - a system of high-class resorts from the US that has successfully applied the sharing economy model for the Vietnamese market. Aiming at building a system with the most luxurious resorts and hotels for owners in many countries around the globe, Resorts International's "Family Vacation" model will provide vacation rights for owners at a luxury resort, quality 4 - 5 stars within 7 - 8 fixed days of the year and are entitled to vacation ownership lasts the project.

(Providing vacation trips at over 6,000 world-class resorts)

The attraction of this model is the most special, it must mention the vacation exchange service between the owners, the exchange vacation in the country and internationally extremely flexible. Thereby, families can fully choose their favorite destination or use as gifts for their loved ones to experience and enjoy together in different destinations across the country at a cost The cost is completely in control, convenient and unbelievably economical, instead of customers having to use the service through traditional tour companies, boring and stereotyped "instant noodles" services. has existed inadequacies in the market for many years. 

Resorts International currently owns a network of more than 6,000 luxury resorts and luxury hotels with famous brand names in the resort industry and more than 200 stops in the domestic market. According to the expected statistics, this number will increase sharply and quickly in the near future. Resorts in the system of Resorts International are a harmonious combination of Asian culture with modern Western style, between sophistication but still full of the elegance of architecture and novelty. The service aims to bring families the feeling of peace, familiarity, true resort quality and the highest level of comfort.

(Chain link with the leading names in the resort industry in the world)

In addition, Resorts International also provides families with a wide range of utilities, with more than 200 partners and 500 destinations in other service industries in Vietnam: dining, spa, beauty, buying shopping, ... to give customers a multi-channel - multi-product experience. Families will receive maximum support and fast service with a team of more than 200 staff trained according to international standards. In particular, all information about Resorts International is public, transparent and certified from prestigious organizations, giving guests the most secure and satisfying experience!


Resorts International - Live The Fullest Life 

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