When the Covid-19 pandemic just arrived, it was also the time when Resorts International and the largest insurance group in the United States signed a cooperation agreement to provide a profitable travel insurance package exclusively for owners in Vietnam. Male.

Resorts International revives resort real estate with a "golden handshake"

Suffering from the direct impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, after more than 2 months of hibernation closure - the Vietnamese tourism industry had the first uplifting moves right after the social gap order was removed. Although they have not been able to open their doors to the world, domestic corporations have gradually started to stimulate domestic market demand with new and more comprehensive policies - for example, Resorts International Group with travel insurance package. The optimal profitability schedule for owners.

Always put ourselves in a position to be ready with long-term vision strides and acumen in understanding trends and customer psychology, since the outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic, Resorts International Group officially Completed a cooperation agreement with the most prestigious insurance corporation in the United States whose headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida. The selection of a partner to be one of the pioneering groups of global cashback insurance has affirmed Resorts International's strong potential. Especially, with this insurance package, customers will be completely assured and comfortably enjoy the full benefits of members while removing all worries about vacation ownership.

With a strategic move - this "golden" handshake is the dominant and distinct mark of Resorts International Group in the market in order to bring the best value to customers, while building trust. believe and build a sustainable - long-term cooperation.

The miracle comes from Resorts International

Blowing the travel industry with its premium profitable insurance package, Resorts International is considered a miracle breeze bringing many unexpected benefits - not just for individual clients. , peace of mind and comfort in terms of time and place but also benefits for the tourism industry in Vietnam in the future. Because the ownership of Resort International's vacation model is a smart product with many benefits to customers, the launch - integrating this optimal refund insurance package makes even more attractive. Resorts International's products are more attractive than ever.

In addition to enjoying the perfect 4 - 5-star vacation in the network associated with more than 6,000 luxury resorts both at home and abroad, customers also experience cashback up to 100%. . Since then, it helps customers feel secure and comfortable to enjoy their travel - especially in the unpredictable epidemic situation like today.

In addition, the launch of a refund insurance package of Resorts International - standing in a professional position are long-term steps contributing to enhancing the vision and face of Vietnam's tourism industry in the eyes of tourists. domestic and foreign investors, thereby creating investment opportunities - deeper and more comprehensive cooperation!

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