Information about the disease Covid-19 is constantly being updated, the number of cases is still increasing every day. The present time is no longer the golden time for the perfect vacation as we always wanted. Stay in when the Fatherland needs and fulfill love, Resorts International would like to send our customers the following notes together to contribute to the fight against the epidemic: 


  • Always wear and use the mask correctly: Especially in places where people gather a lot of people like airports or on other means of transportation. Note, wearing a mask must cover both the nose and mouth, should only use the personal mask once and then replace it - avoid using it over and over again.
  • Limit contact with people with signs of cough - flu: Customers should keep a distance when communicating with others within a radius of 1m. In the case of contact with someone who shows signs of coughing or spitting, stand at least 2m away to ensure safety for yourself.
  • Wash your hands often: Hands are considered the most common way of transmitting disease, so customers need to wash their hands frequently to avoid infection. It is best to wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, in cases where soap and water are not available - dry hand sanitizer can be used. 
  • Bring gloves to public places: When using or moving on public transport, customers should wear gloves to limit direct touching the contact surface that many people have previously touched. 
  • Do not gather in crowded places: To avoid the possibility of infection in the community. When there is no urgent task - You should limit travel to public places, amusement parks and crowded tourism.


Together with Resorts International, we will join hands to help fight disease and protect public health. And with the most sincere sentiments, Resorts International would like to send our customers best wishes. Hopefully in the coming time, we will enjoy a safe and loving vacation again.

Best regards!





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