Family vacation is a tourism model that has rained the world for decades and has just "landed" in Vietnam for more than 3 years. Thanks to this model, enjoying a luxury vacation and staying at 5-star resorts is no longer the exclusive privilege of those with rich pockets. Why is family vacation so hot? It is because of the benefits that it brings to both investors and customers.

Family vacation benefits

Brought to the investor

Family vacation was born and developed in the world more than 5 decades. Family vacation is a service business model that brings many benefits not only for investors but also for customers. As a result, family vacations have grown tremendously in Europe and the Americas and continue to grow strongly over the years. Up to now, more than 110 countries and 6000 Resorts & Hotels have joined the family vacation model.

1. High rate of return

Compared to other common resort real estate businesses, family vacation can quickly recover capital and earn high profits for investors. Having steady cash flow for decades without spending much money.

2. Good liquidity

Family vacation has been broken down, customers do not have to buy the whole resort for decades, so financing is no longer a difficult problem, matching the needs of many objects from the middle up. On the other hand, this market is large so liquidity is also easy.

3. Guaranteed room rate at the Resort

Making tourism services always have to solve the problem called "Low season". Come to family vacation this problem is no longer a worry. Family vacations ensure a steady stream of guests even during the low season. Bring to the senior tourists at home and abroad.

4. High horsepower

With family vacations sold, investors do not need to spend money to transport and renovate the Resort. Because this cost is shared for customers to ensure the best service. Of course customers get the most benefits. This is a smart resort investment that brings more value to customers when they enjoy luxurious, comfortable and low-cost vacations.

Family vacation benefits

bring to customers

The concept of family vacation is not new to the Vietnamese market, family vacation brings more attractive benefits for users than they think. Most customers with high-class tourism interests and going at least once a year will choose the family vacation model.


1. Financial benefits

This is one of the greatest benefits that vacation ownership gives users. In tourism, perhaps the cost of the trip is a top priority.With a family vacation, customers will save and minimize a lot of costs when each year only pay 1 item. Maintenance costs are equivalent to renting a 4-5 * hotel room for 1 night for a family to stay for 1 week.

2. Property use rights

Owning a family vacation is similar to owning a valuable asset, the user is free to use it for the entire period of purchase. can buy more, resell their holiday week, give to relatives and friends; sublease to receive cash flow, used as an inheritance for descendants.

3. Enjoy a luxurious vacation

Vacation ownership gives users a luxurious vacation at famous domestic and foreign tourist destinations, at 4-star and 5-star luxury resorts. The vacation will definitely help you feel the moments of complete relaxation with family and loved ones and enjoy the best of life.

4. Be proactive in all plans and always guaranteed

With family vacation, the owner will be more proactive in arranging work time, transportation, advantage of price and service. In addition, owners do not have to worry about high-probability issues that will occur during peak tourist seasons such as room availability or price increases. Owning a holiday card will keep the owner occupied for years to come. With the planned trips, you will be more active in everything.