Vacation ownership is a tourism model that has rained the world for decades and has just "landed" in Vietnam in the past 2-3 years. Thanks to this model, enjoying a luxury vacation and staying at 5-star resorts is no longer the exclusive privilege of those with rich pockets. What is the reason for vacation ownership so hot? It is because of the benefits that it brings to both investors and customers.

Vacation ownership benefits

Brought to the investor

Owning a vacation, also known as Timeshare, has been born and developed in the world for over 5 decades. Vacation ownership is a service that brings benefits not only to the owner but also to the customer. However, the business model is still quite new, so investors as well as customers should learn carefully to have the right investment step, bringing profitability and high use value.

1. High rate of return

Compared to other common resort real estate businesses, vacation sharing can quickly recover capital and generate high profits for investors. Not only that, the investor is also able to raise capital from the investor and does not have to pay annual fees to renovate the resort because the customer has paid this amount.

2. Good liquidity

Ownership of the vacation has been broken down, customers do not have to buy the whole resort for a period of decades, so the financial is no longer a difficult problem, suitable for the needs of many objects from the middle class above. On the other hand, this market is large so liquidity is also easy

3. Not affected by housing law on capital mobilization

Owning a vacation inherently on paper is a type of service business rather than a property sale. Therefore, it will not be affected by housing laws by the policy of raising capital in advance from customers. This allows investors to mobilize capital up to 80% or more. In some cases, the investor may postpone, may even cancel the contract and compensation less than the real construction investor.

4. High force

With vacation ownership sold, the developer doesn't need to spend money to build and renovate the resort. This is a smart resort investment that brings more value to customers when they enjoy luxurious, comfortable and low-cost vacations.

Vacation ownership benefits

bring to customers

The concept of vacation ownership is quite new to the Vietnamese market, in addition to the ownership of Vietnamese people who dislike sharing their properties with many people. However, vacation ownership offers more attractive benefits for users than they think.


1. Financial benefits

This is one of the greatest benefits that vacation ownership gives users. In tourism, perhaps the cost of the trip is a top priority.With vacation ownership, customers will save and minimize a lot of costs when each year only pay 1 item. The maintenance fee is equivalent to renting a 5 * 1-night hotel room for 1 family for 1 week.

2. Property use rights

Owning vacation ownership is similar to owning a valuable asset, the user is free to use it for the period of purchase. Besides using the holiday card for your vacation, you It is also possible to buy more, resell his holiday week, give to relatives and friends; sublease to receive cash flow, used as an inheritance for descendants.

3. Enjoy a luxurious vacation

Vacation ownership gives users a luxurious vacation at famous domestic and foreign tourist destinations, at 4-star and 5-star luxury resorts. The vacation will definitely help you feel the moments of complete relaxation with family and loved ones and enjoy the best of life.

4. Be proactive in all plans and always guaranteed

With vacation ownership, the owner will be more proactive in arranging work time, transportation, and price and service advantages. In addition, owners do not have to worry about high-probability issues that will occur during peak tourist seasons such as room availability or price increases. Owning a holiday card will keep the owner occupied for years to come. With the planned trips, you will be more active in everything.