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- Check and compare data among internal units, detailed and aggregated data.

- Check arising business terms
- Check the balance between detailed and general accounting data
- Check the ending balance properly and in accordance with the detailed reports.
- Accounting of income, expenses, depreciation, fixed assets, liabilities, other operations, VAT and tax reports of office blocks, making final settlement of company offices.
-Track liabilities corporate office blocks, general management of liabilities throughout the company. Identify and propose setting up provisions or dealing with bad debts of the whole company.
- Prepare financial statements by quarter, 6 months, year and detailed explanatory reports
- Guidance on handling and accounting of accounting operations
- Participate in the coordination of inspection and inventory at grassroots units
- Improve the accounting method and reporting regime
- Make statistics and synthesize accounting data when required
- Provide data for management or functional units upon request
- Explain the data and provide records and data to the tax authorities, auditing and inspecting at the request of the KT-TV office manager
- Proposing and proposing improvement remedies
- Store accounting data as prescribed


- Graduated from University with a formal system of Finance and Accounting
- At least 03 years of experience in accounting, including at least 01 year of holding the same position.
- Having professional accounting capacity, being able to summarize and master the accounting regime.
- Organize, organize and build plans to perform the assigned tasks.
- Know synthesis and analysis of reports. Perform duties exactly and according to regulations.
- Having basic knowledge about business processes of the company
- Proficient in using computers (excel software, accounting software).

  1. SALARY:

- Salary of 10 million - 12 million (According to capacity)

- Enjoying the benefits under the labor law

- Extraordinary bonuses for special achievements and or innovation at work.


- Working time: from 8:30: 17:30 (Monday - Saturday),

- Work location: Representative office: 06 Ton That Dam, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, Q1

Headquarters: Tower 1, Level 5, Saigon Center Building 65 Le Loi, Ben Nghe, Q1.

  • Contact information

- Contact person: Ms Uyen - Recruitment Department - 0983.797.709 / 028.7102.8866