Family vacation is a tourism model that has become the familiar of families who love traveling in the world for decades and has just "landed" in Vietnam for more than 3 years. Family vacations have continued to grow, growing strongly globally. Thanks to this model, enjoying a luxurious trip abroad and staying at 4-5 star resorts is no longer the exclusive privilege of those with rich pockets. So hot again? It is because of the benefits that it brings to both investors and customers. Family vacation is a combination of 2 ideals: smart vacation and complete vacation.

Thông điệp từ chúng tôi

Smart holiday

Finance is one of the big reasons why we rarely travel or don't travel high-class with our family. With the family vacation model, customers will enjoy the full luxury and class in the 4-5 * Resorts & Hotels that cost only by 2-3 * only. There are also countless financial savings when we go on a family vacation. In addition to cost savings, customers are also able to take the initiative in everything in their vacation on food, time, play space ... No feeling of being constrained, rushed and tired when traveling.

Complete vacation

Family vacation always works with the motto "towards the FAMILY" as the name of the model. Because of that, the Resorts & Hotels always ensure a fun and enjoy space for all 3 generations in a family, so that no generation must sacrifice their hobbies when traveling together. In addition, family vacation will bring a family tradition of family travel continuously for many decades. To ensure the full range of members and to have true quality time after a series of hard working days.

Advantages of the model

Family Vacation in VIETNAM

In the world, although the family vacation has been around for a long time, this resort model has always been hot and never showed signs of "cool down", even more and more loved by the advantages. , benefits of cost and destination, along with services, values, utilities are strengthened, upgraded and increasingly improved. Until now, family vacation is developing strongly and becoming a potential business trend of the tourism market, resort real estate business in the world, including Vietnam. The most outstanding advantage of Vietnamese family vacation is that it helps customers to be proactive in time, save costs and have the opportunity to travel to many places, enjoy vacation at many luxury resort systems in the world. .


Benefits when owning

Family vacation in Vietnam

1. Cost savings

Family vacations bring many economic benefits to owners. Unlike owning a resort or a resort apartment that you visit only a few times a year costs a lot of initial and operating costs, you only have to pay for your usage time, over there is no annual maintenance and repair fee for a fully furnished villa.

2. Completely proactive

If you are a sure person and prefer specific plans, a family vacation is the perfect choice for you to have a guaranteed resort location. With the family vacation model, you have completely determined what your vacation period is, and for how long. You have the right to own a certain time frame of the property you have purchased for less than it is paid for. You absolutely do not have to worry about reservations for fear of room fires during the tourist season.

3. Family vacations are also assets: usable,
can exchange, can rent

Owning a family vacation is similar to owning a property, in addition to the need for a vacation, the owner can exchange or trade, resell to others, exchange places if he does not want to stay forever place with other owners to travel to new lands.

You can also rent it if you do not need it, except for a few cases where family holiday contracts do not allow this or the exchange services will usually charge a broker fee, but the number is not worth it. or you can resell it to others when it's no longer in use.

And finally, family vacation is also seen as a tangible asset for you to donate to relatives, friends, or inheritance for descendants.